Living alone!

Its been about 3 years now…living in hostels, rooms…at times it seems its the life of a pariah dog…going from place to place…living with so many different people…while you can call most of them friends…none of them is family…the kitchen at the paying guest accommodation, well, somehow the pots and pans dont look right…somehow the tea tastes different, the salt less salty, the spices just not quite there…I cant cook there…not that I was ever an enthusiastic cook…but still this kitchen feels alien…and well your whole life seems to be at the mercy of some other person at every time…your broker, your landlord, your roommate, your cabwallah all the time at the mercy of someone or the other…and yet through all this you learn different things…you learn how to handle people…you learn finances…and most importantly you learn how easy your life was with family…how you cribbed about it then, but you were actually so blessed…and its true, distance does make the heart fonder!

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