Trying my hand at 55 fiction. A daunting task for someone who is known to be wordy 🙂 Here are my first two attempts.

Power Play

Little one always had the remote. Elder one wanted to watch news but it was always MTV. Mom also lets little one be.
Now eldest is working out of town and comes home only on holidays. “News please.” “Give her the remote she hardly gets time to watch TV”, a voice from the kitchen 🙂

The following is an extremely cynical view born out of a random conversation I had with a guy friend. No offense to any gender please, this is just a look at the various excuses made by commitment phobes and yes I do concede women could be commitment phobic too.

Commitment phobia?

“I love you, but…”

A’s mother won’t agree, B’s sister had to be married first, C wasn’t sure, D felt he didn’t deserve her, E wanted just fun. Finally F decoded the golden rule for her. BOYS need women only in the interim when they aren’t playing, working or wasting away. Any MEN around?


  1. Hello Kajal!

    I feel, you've not got the concept of 55-fiction properly. There should be an actual 'occurrence' of events, and maybe, a greater element of surprise. The first one did fit into the criteria for 55 fiction, but the second did not. The second one was more like a commentary as against a plot (and my comment has nothing to do with my being a male 🙂 ).

    Here's the link to all my 55-fiction pieces. Will take you less than 10 min to go through them. I'm not claiming to be a great 55-fiction writer, but that might give you a better idea of what I mean by suprise and irony in the plot.

    All the best for future attempts with 55-fictions! 🙂


  2. @Ketan we may differ on the concept of fiction I guess because all fiction doesnt need to have surprise and if its is fiction then an actual occurence is not necessary…the occurence that you are talking of is the passive voice conversation in the second one where F tells her about the golden rule…and not every story needs to have irony…some are just observations or anecdotes…will go through your 55ers though

  3. Kajal,

    There's a margin for clarification in what I said in my above comment. I was not talking of fiction in general, specifically of 55-fiction. 55-fiction is not only about the word-limit, but is also a genre in itself (just like comedy, drama, tragedy) based on a tradition set by precedents. And I was trying to point out that tradition.

    You could read about elements of 55-fiction in the following Wikipedia article:


    But of course, at the end of the day you're totally free to choose your characters and your tone for your 55ers! I was only trying to make you better aware of what constitutes 55-fiction as these were your early attempts.

    Hope you did not mind that. 🙂


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