The walk

She walked by the beach. Her feet feeling the soft sand, some sort of soothing effect that had on her constantly churning brain. The sand was slipping through her toes, kissing them and then just going by. It was like the eternal dance of time. There was some strange comfort in feeling something not so solid beneath you, in feeling something that moulded itself to you. Sand at the sea is like a lover’s embrace, one that fits your body perfectly. As she walked into the sunset, it felt as if every tension was leaving her through her toes. The sand was absorbing it all. She had long believed that is how love should be. Something that absorbed all your worries, consumed them and replaced them with loving care. But what she had overlooked all this while was that while she was busy getting the loving caress of the sand, the sand itself was getting depressed by her footprints. While she got her love, the sand was losing some parts of itself, being pushed down. Some parts of it was still sticking to her, but most of it was just going down, deep down into some unknown darkness. Was this truly love then?


  1. '…Something that absorbed all your worries, consumed them and replaced them with loving care.'sounds more like a parent's love.

    I feel romantic love would be more like sharing of worries, making them seem less worrisome because one isn't alone, and then replacing them with a feeling that when together – the couple could find solutions to all problems or at the very least face them together.

  2. Yeah you are right IHM…infact I wrote this as a reaction to the sort of miracle worker image that is assigned to lovers especially when both the parties have gone through some crisis in life…its almost like this person is going to save me, make all the bitterness of my life seem right…and too often in such scenarios expectations rise sky high and things go haywire…the question at the end of the story is just to show that this is not LOVE ACTUALLY 🙂 Too often in life we stumble from relationship to relationship thinking that one of them will erase all the hurts of the past, but what we sometimes discount is that the past is just that – the past and cant be changed…only thing you can do is to accept it however bad it was and this acceptance too can only come from you not the other person.

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