Why We Should All Be Done With This Modern Culture Bullshit

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Lillt MatevosyanLillt Matevosyan

If you have a perfectly normal, even great life, yet still feel hard, insecure, anxious most of the time because you keep hearing this voice that urges you to look better, to dress prettier, to possess more and more stuff and if you don’t do, you’re no good, not enough, have no chance in life. And when you look into the mirror every day, you always see something wrong with your body, your face, your hair. You always feel the need to prove yourself to someone you honestly don’t even know who.

Then trust me, you’re definitely not alone. You’re just one of the many, many people living in this modern culture bullshit.

You and your inner voice is one thing but then there is this whole culture that constantly tells you who you are supposed to be, what you are supposed to do, how to be better…

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