Blame it on EVE

Jan 6, 2008, IBNLive

There is sin all over? What is the world coming to? The youth is losing their morality. Nothing is good anymore. Why is there so much sin in the world? Well, you can always hold one person responsible for that. EVE. Remember her? After all, it is she who persuaded Adam to eat that apple. And for all the Indian culture enthusiasts, there is our very own Seeta. Didn’t she ask Ram to go after the Golden deer, wasn’t it why she was eventually kidnapped? Or for that matter Draupadi, wasn’t she humiliated because she laughed at the Kauravas? Hence proven, it is always the woman who is at fault. If she is teased, well she asked for it. And how may I know did she ask? By stepping out of her house you duffers. Don’t you remember what the Mumbai police said…wives are to be kept at home. She asked for it. How? Well it was her clothes you know, women should not try to dress up. They should remain obsure because clearly Indian men do not know how to take care of their ‘desires.’ Our men are such innocents you know, they will be led to sin by merely the sight of a woman. And so the great and ancient culture says a woman should be a wallflower, and if Manu is to be believed forever under the control of some man or the other. And what is disheartening the mindset still exists. Few of my colleagues have already written quite a bit on the Mumbai molestation incident. And it is amazing to see how most men have reacted (I say most, not all). Some have brought up the issue of how it only happens during ‘Western’ festivals. Dude, did you forget that an Indian festival called Holi exists? Others have said that women deliberately try to attract attention. So where is the man’s will power on such ocassions? (tsk tsk you are forgetting Adam doesn’t think, he just eats the apple and the few Adams who think are either hen pecked or weak aren’t they)Patriarchy is so deep rooted in our society that everything right from the dust in the drawing room to someone being passed up for promotion is a woman’s fault. So every time a woman is molested or raped; there are these self proclaimed guardians who start questioning the morality of our youth and the blame, you guessed it right, falls on the woman. She must have provoked it, somehow or the other the blame lies at her door. After all she is EVE. And so for all the hate mail/comments that I shall recieve for this blog, there is only one person to blame. EVE. After all, I wrote this to defend her.

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