Via Darjeeling and Aarushi

June 29, 2008

Recently read about a new movie Via Darjeeling. The story is about a honeymooner Ankur who disappears in Darjeeling. A couple of years later, the investigating officer discusses the case at a booze party with his friends. Each one of them plays arm chair sleuth and comes up with a new reason as to why and where Ankur must have disappeared. The plot reminded me of the much hyped Aarushi murder case because over the last one month or so, that’s what most of India has been talking about. Everywhere you go, someone brings up the topic and gives his/her own version of what happened that fateful night. And neither the police nor the CBI officers have been any different. Each of the departments are floating theories to prove the other wrong.

For most people, the way this case unfolded was something straight out of magazines like ‘Manohar Kahaaniyan’ which you get at railway stations. And it was like a treat to a nation that at one point of time boasted of 8-10 crime shows per day across all channels. How nice it is to sit at home, watch crime shows, comment about what has the world come to and gloat about how you are goodness incarnate in this vile world!

Since the first day, there have been various theories floated. From amorous relations to incest to greed, the case has been looked at from various angles but nothing has been found out, thanks to the bungled initial investigation. And the continued media interest made it mandatory for the police and the CBI to dish out something everyday, so that they could maintain the pretense of having made some progress. The result – nothing except the character assassination of a deceased girl.

And because the case still drags on, no one has stopped playing Sherlock. Everyone has a perfect death scenario for Aarushi and each of them centers around some illicit relation or the other thanks to the famous ‘objectionable but not compromising’ quote. As I write this today, the CBI has come up with a blood stained T-shirt (how strange that neither the murder weapon nor the phones have been found but a blood stained T-shirt has been preserved! Tough to resist being an arm chair sleuth isn’t it?)and new theories of the Durrani servant’s involvement are being floated.

I wonder even if someone is finally nailed, the theory will ever hold water in the public’s eyes. I wonder if there will ever be definitive justice in this case. I wonder if some years down the line, in some get together like the one in Via Darjeeling, new theories will still be floated about what happened to Aarushi. Or maybe some film maker will come up with a plausible screenplay to appeal to the public’s sense of justice. As of now, no one knows where the case is headed. But one thing is for sure, all of us arm chair sleuths will never let Aarushi rest in peace!

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