Why didn’t you understand?

‘You were supposed to understand. Didn’t I tell you how much I needed someone to understand me? No one ever understood. My family had their own problems, I was supposed to understand them and behave accordingly. At work they would not give me what I deserve and I was supposed to understand because I needed the money. You were the only one who got me. Didn’t I tell you how much I cared for you because you understood?’

‘I tried, I really tried you know. I tried being nice to you. I know you had your own problems, wasn’t I sweet and romantic when necessary? But you weren’t satisfied. You wanted more of my time and attention. WTF? How was I supposed to give you more, when you knew that I had so many problems. You should have understood dammit. Now look what you have done to yourself?’

Right in front of him, she lay motionless. The baseball bat was just nearby and the blood was still oozing out of her head.

‘I didnt want to do this. Its you, you made me do this. Why didn’t you just understand? If you had just stayed quiet, not questioned me, we would have been happy. But you really had to do this didn’t you? You were also like the rest of them, just not ready to understand me, accept me. Why, why didn’t you understand?’

(P.S. my little attempt at explaining the reverse thinking of psychos and a major trait of theirs called psychological projection)